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X Japan’s Yoshiki Donates $87,000 to Ukraine Relief, Rallies Fans to Donate $3.5 Million


For those who don’t know, X Japan are a renowned Japanese band and the founders of a style known as ‘visual kei,’ which is like ultra-dramatic, ultra-virtuosic glam metal (this is a very simplistic description, but will give you an idea of what they do). For millions of listeners, X Japan are one of the world’s most epic bands, and their drummer, piano player, and bandleader Yoshiki is considered by many to be a world-class songwriter and composer. Now, Yoshiki has proven that he’s also a generous and charitable dude by personally donating ¥10,000,000 — approximately $87,000 USD — to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Emergency Assistance Fund. Not only that, but he’s rallied his fans to donate — and they came the fuck out.

According to Blabbermouth, Yoshiki announced a call to action on his Twitter account, which has some 870,000 followers. This morning, Yoshiki posted ¥408,325,066 — which Google converts into approximately $3.5 million USD. Holy SHIT, we though we were generous sending $40 to Vogg from Decapitated while he hands out supplies along the Polish border.

Cheers to Yoshiki for doing so much for this cause. We tip our hats to you, dude.

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