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Skid Row Part Ways With Vocalist ZP Theart, Announce New Frontman Erik Grönwall


Big news for hair metal fans today, as Skid Row have announced that they’ve parted ways with vocalist ZP Theart, and have replaced him with former H.E.A.T. frontman Erik Grönwall. Wow, whole lotta uncommon names for my Jersey ass right there!

Said the band in a statement, via Blabbermouth:

“It’s a new era for Skid Row. With a new album, a new single and a world tour, we’ve added a new voice. Welcome powerhouse vocalist Erik Grönwall, formerly from the band H.E.A.T. from Sweden.”

Grönwall also made the following announcement:

 “Ladies and gents. I hereby declare the circle of all fucking circles complete. You’re looking at the new singer of @officialskidrow #skidrow #erikgronwall”.

The “circle” in question is that Grönwall recently released a much-loved cover of the band’s classic track “18 and Life,” which you can hear below. He used the song to audition for Swedish Idol, which is like American Idol, only with a much higher standard of living and a more cohesive health care system.

Said Grönwall upon the single’s release:

“This song was basically the starting point of my professional career as an artist. I performed this song during my ‘Swedish Idol’ audition back in 2009. 12 years later it’s time to give this bad boy a try again. Here’s my version of the Skid Row song ’18 And Life’.”

On the one hand, Grönwall definitely has his work cut out for him. Skid Row aren’t your average floofy hair band — people love that shit, and among them are real metalheads who recognize that the band is more than tight pants and power ballads. That said, the fact that the dude is already renowned for an excellent cover of a Skid Row song puts him in a particularly good place here.

No statement has been made by ZP Theart as of yet; whether that’s because there’s more going on behind the scenes than we know, or because he’s pissed, we can’t say because we don’t know.

Check out Erik’s cover of “18 and Life” below, followed by his announcement and that of guitarist Scott Hill:

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