Video: Papa Roach Play Record-Release Show at Pizzeria, Crowd Goes Apes***


Today marks the release of Ego Trip, the new album by bounce-riff life-cutters Papa Roach, which sees the band hopping entirely aboard the MGK pop-punk train. But no matter what musical genre they’ve adopted this time, the band still have nu-metal pumping through their veins, and their fans will always be some energetic, destruction-oriented nu-metal kids at heart. Which is why it doesn’t surprise us that the crowd at Papa Roach’s record-release show last night went totally nuts — though we’re a little surprised, and kind of delighted, that they did so at a pizzeria.

Yup, Papa Roach held the Ego Trip release party at Shakey’s Pizza in Hollywood, California. As you can see in the video below via KROQ, the whole thing kicks off with a Wall of Death, but then quickly becomes a good ol’ fashioned singalong, with frontman Jacoby Shaddix ushering in the festivities like this:

“Over here, we got some savages, you fuckin’ ready? My evil side over here, you ready to set it off? Oh shit…this one goes out to anybody that used to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. Let’s get it on…”

Soon after, the band has various audience members up to sing different parts, and closes with a crowd-led performance of “Last Resort.”

Look, we diss Papa Roach a lot, and we will probably do so until the day we fucking die, because we’re snarky-ass metal dudes (we being the one guy who writes all this, who looks like a melting Anselmo). THAT SAID — this looks like it was a lot of fun! Huge nu-metal band playing a record-release show in a pizzeria to a packed crowd of diehards? That’s a blast no matter how many times you slice it. Good on Papa Roach for knowing how to have a party no matter how famous they get.

Check out the video below. Ego Trip is out now on all streaming services.

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