Beer Metal: Amon Amarth, Gorilla Wizard, and More of Your Drunkest Song Suggestions


MetalSucks Presents Beer Metal – Updated Saturday, April 16, 2022


Thanks to everyone who sent in your suggestions for this Saturday’s first Beer Metal playlist update. Here are the songs we added, as per your suggestion:

  • Amon Amarth, “Raise Your Horns” – Suggested by Patrick S. Can’t believe we missed it. Patrick, skull one.
  • Darkthrone, “Whiskey Funeral” – This one’s just mine. I can’t believe I forgot it in the first place. I’ll shotgun one for this.
  • Electric Callboy, “We Got The Moves” – Suggested by Michael S. Thanks, Michael, go do one.
  • Midnight, “In Sinful Secrecy” – Suggested by Fiona T. Thanks, Fiona, go shoot some Jager.
  • Gorilla Wizard, “Black and Blue” – Suggested by Gabriel S. Thanks, Gabe, go have a beer.
  • Gama Bomb, “Thrashaholic” – Totally blanked on this one. I’ll take the Silver Bullet.
  • X Raiders, “Wasted” – Suggested by Jaco DS. Thanks, Jaco, do a shot.
  • Upon a Burning Body, “Living For The Weekend” – Ever get so drunk you fake someone’s kidnapping? Also from Michael S. Mike, do another one.
  • Psychostick, “Beer!” – Surprised we forgot this one, too. Also Michael S. Michael, drink until I finish…this…sennnnnnnteeeeeeennnnnnncccce…

That’s all for this weekend, but keep sending suggestions at [email protected] so we can keep the party going.

From everyone at MetalSucks: please drink responsibly.

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