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Track Premiere: CONTRACULT collective’s “K” Gets a Killer Remix from Industrial Metallers Floorless


If you haven’t checked out CONTRACULT collective yet, you gotta get on that, man. While so many hard rock and metal bands have revived ’90s staples like alternative, hard rock, and nu-metal, this LA three-piece shocked the grimy, hostile sounds of classic industrial metal back to life with their awesome 2020 release A Cult of Opposition. Now, the band have given the closing track from that record the remix treatment with the help of Atlanta creeps Floorless, which you can hear below.

We’re often dubious of metal remix tracks, but this interpretation of “K” actually does a great job of breathing new life into the song. The original is a nasty, gnarly slow-burn of a track, perfect for closing out a record like A Cult… But Floorless add an iron skeleton of pneumatic dance beats to make the song much more kinetic and driven than it was originally. It pulls off what metal and hard rock remixes do at their best — it gives the track a new identity without stripping it of what made it special.

The hive-mind of CONTRACULT explained the collaboration to us:

“Floorless are a 2 piece industrial metal band that could not have existed at any other time. Only with the hindsight of a more-than-40-year-old sub genre, and a lifetime of honing skills crafting dark and heavy music could a project have distilled these influences to achieve such a dark and oppressive yet catchy sound.

“Matt rose to prominence several years ago playing drums for the Metal Blade Records tech-metal band Into The Moat, and Michael has been producing and releasing dark and brooding electronic music for many years.

“Aside from their obvious industrial metal influences, this new remix of the Contracult Collective song ‘K’ also showcases Floorless’ danceable goth and death rock tendencies.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of Floorless’ remix of CONTRACULT collective’s “K” below:

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