Exclusive Album Stream: Organ Trail Leave No Guts Unf***ed on Appetite for Dissection


In metal, a pun name has to be backed up by killer music for it to land right. Thankfully, East Coast death metallers Organ Trail have the tunes to support their hilarious moniker, making driven, furious death-grind that’ll delight anyone lucky enough to be in the pit for it. One minute unleashing a barrage of surging guitars and pummeling blastbeats, the next wading through a putrid swamp of mid-paced riffs and stomping rhythms, the band are perpetually ready to make sure you not only remember their name, but say it with excitement and pride. Of course, you still might die of dysentery.

Exclusive Album Stream: Organ Trail Leave No Guts Unf***ed on Appetite for Dissection

On their new album Appetite for Dissection, Organ Trail bring their sonic deuce stew to a savory boil. The band’s Horror Pain Gore Death debut will elbows its way to the top of your playlist with frightening strength. The record’s faster moments exude a Misery Index-ish contempt for the world, while its slower swings revel in Dying Fetusian ugliness. Meanwhile, the band continue their delightful tradition of dark comedy with song titles like “Drinking Babies’ Blood with George Soros,” “Get Off My Fucking Lawn,” and of course, “The Don’t Wipe Type.” Overall, this is exactly what fans of gnarly death metal are looking for, and then a bit extra.

Say the band of the release:

As massive fans of the label, Organ Trail is honored to have found a home for our album, Appetite for Dissection, on Horror Pain Gore Death. We can not imagine a better fit for this high tempo, slightly gory, Death Grind release. We are extremely grateful to HPGD for helping us unleash our most intense offering yet, to the public.”

Check out our exclusive advance stream of Appetite for Dissection below. The album drops Friday, May 20th, on Horror Pain Gore Death, and is available for preorder.

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