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Dropout Kings Call Out Rapper Lil Xan for Canceling His Headlining Tour While the Openers Were Traveling to the First Date


Sometimes, bailing on a tour is necessary. A bandmate gets seriously injured, a pandemic closes the entire country, and suddenly your best-laid plans are totally fucked. But usually, when a headliner cancels a tour, they have the grace to do so before their opening acts are literally driving to the first date of that trek. But according to nu-metallers Dropout Kings, that’s what rapper Lil Xan did, leaving his opening acts scrambling at the first gig of his own Born Dead tour.

Xan first got called out by Fit For A King’s Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary, who wrote the following on Twitter:

Hearing that a headliner bailed on a tour AFTER all the support already left for the 1st show is evil

@lilxanfuhyobih why not just tell people you’re not gonna show up? Seems like a pretty egotistical/shitty thing to do.

Dropout Kings, who were set to open the tour with Vvizardking & Rosh Dawg and Saving Vice, then elaborated:

“@lilxanfuhyobih dropped off our tour after everyone already left cross country. Didn’t show up for his set at so what. We’re rebooking this entire tour stay tuned. Please bear with us. Also fuck Lil Xan”

Since then, the band have announced a ‘Fuck Lil Xan’ tour, the flyer for which you can see below.

And what was Lil Xan’s excuse? Claiming that Dropout Kings were selfish and greedy, and didn’t care about his sobriety. Via his Instagram:

S/o @dropoutkingsaz have a great “fuck lil xan tour” ☺️ i know you guys are new to this and im pretty sure you should talk with your booking agent Ashley on how bad she fucked the tour up for me and my team ! But have fun on the tour fellaz ???? my next tour is for my fans only not yours ???? wanna give them better openers and more Xanarchy ???? @dropoutkingsaz

On top of that i just got out of rehab 2/3 months ago and wanna stay focused on my sobriety and a tour might damage that!but no yall team didn’t care as long as they made their money ????

Look, addiction and national tours are both very complicated, without question. But also BOO. FUCKIN’. HOO. Here’s the thing about a tour, champ — details are worked out months in advance. If you had issues with Dropout Kings’ booking agent, they should’ve been addressed weeks ago. If you were worried about your sobriety, you should’ve communicated that to the band when you first had your concerns. You called this shit the day of. Not only that, but you’re the HEADLINER. You’re blaming the opening acts for your last-minute shenanigans? But yeah, they’re the assholes for saying ‘fuck you.’ Poor Lil Xan.

Check out the posts below. Meanwhile, Dropout Kings are playing the following dates with the openers that Lil Xan abandoned.

6/4 -Jacksonville, NC
6/5 -Greensboro, NC
6/7- Brooklyn, NY
6/8- Worcester, MA
6/10- Rochester, NY
6/11- Washington, PA
6/12- Erie, PA
6/14- Cincinnati, OH
6/15- Chicago, IL
6/16- Omaha, NE

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