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KEN mode Announce New Album, Drop Spiraling First Single


What do we call KEN mode? Hostility metal? Sheet metal-core? Schadenfreudedelic? Look, KEN mode are from fucking Canada, and they make music that sounds like the feeling you get when one of the characters in your nightmare turns to you and says, When you wake up from this, I’m coming with you. And they have a new album, and a new single via a new music video. And it’s fucking terrifying, and it’s fucking awesome.

KEN mode’s new record is titled NULL, and will drop September 23rd via Artoffact Records. The album is available for preorder via their Bandcamp, and the first single, the utterly jarring “A Love Letter,” is available to check out below.

According to frontman Jesse Matthewson, the album is….

“…a direct psychological reaction to the collective experience of the last two and a half years… a documentation of trying to not fall apart…the album exposes the emotional core of combating mental illness when one’s fine-tuned coping mechanisms have been involuntarily stripped away.

“I’ve built my adult life around communities and activities that have both given it meaning and helped me manage my own mental health. In 1999 I didn’t know why I needed to create, I just wanted to. In 2022, it’s one of the only acts I have left that keeps away crippling depression. I need this act to concentrate and neutralize the poison in my brain.

We tried to experiment more with our sound than we ever have before. We felt like there was really no reason to do anything at all unless we were trying to push this into something new.”

Check out “A Love Letter” below, then scroll down for album details and cover art. Get stoked.

KEN mode’s Null:

  1. A Love Letter
  2. Throw Your Phone in the River
  3. The Tie
  4. But They Respect My Tactics
  5. Not My Fault
  6. Lost Grip
  7. The Desperate Search for an Enemy
  8. Unresponsive
KEN mode Announce New Album, Drop Spiraling First Single
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