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By The Sound of It, The Hallowed Catharsis Have Too Many Limbs


Death metal will always pride itself on filling up the space around it, especially in its most technical incarnations. The whole human-tornado, beats-per-minute thing is at the core of the genre’s evolution. That said, there’s also been a focus put on being able to do that while seemingly not trying; we all love watching a drummer do some of the most incredible fills known to man while looking like he’s sitting in a La-Z-Boy. However, Canadian act The Hallowed Catharsis don’t come off like that (even if that’s how they play). No, by the sounds of things, every member of The Hallowed Catharsis have six arms, and are using them as hard as possible. And their vocalist is maybe, like, four people.

By The Sound of It, The Hallowed Catharsis Have Too Many Limbs

Maybe that’s all studio magic, which is fair — and hey, I’m not one of these dudes immersed in the tech-death world, so correct me if I’m misreading The Hallowed Catharsis’ sound. But these dudes fucking rip shit up, with a specific take on death metal that never stops entertaining. The beauty of the band’s latest EP Killowner is that while The Hallowed Catharsis definitely bring a deluge of noise, they don’t seem to want to overwhelm the listener, which is a tactic best left to acts like VITRIOL. Instead, these guys are the extreme-metal equivalent of lights flashing on the bridge of a spaceship, seemingly chaotic and random but, as one watches them and takes them in, actually in perfect unison.

Anyway, check — oh. OH. Their band name spells out ‘THC!’ They like weed! Cool, I get it now!

Anyway, okay, so, check out The Hallowed Catharsis’ Killowner below. The band only have EPs out thus far, so keep your eyes peeled for a full-length in the near future.

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