Here are the 10 Best Bands of the New Wave of Death Metal, As Voted By You


Last week, we ran a poll about the new wave of death metal that seems to be sweeping the scene. We listed over 20 bands in an attempt to cast a wide net, and we were excited to see how many different bands got voted on. It’s easy to think that death metal is a close-minded scene, but you proved that it’s actually got a lot of variety to it.

However, it became very obvious very quickly that some bands are either bigger, or have a hardier fanbase, than others. So here, for your perusal, are the 10 best bands in the new wave of death metal, as voted for by you.

10. Tomb Mold – 227

Nice! This list would’ve felt incomplete without Canada’s Tomb Mold on here. The band just surprise-released a new EP, so check it the fuck out now!

9. Sanguisugabogg – 238

Man, these guys earned this slot in 2022. They’ve really pounded the pavement on tour, and in doing so have made an impressive name for themselves. That said, we will always, somewhere in our minds, think of them as Samsungsudafed.

8. Hath – 256

Yo, when we agreed to premiere this album, not even WE knew how fucking good Hath could be. But All That Was Promised was so damn rad that this band basically bullied their way onto this list with their talent. Bow your heads.

7. 200 Stab Wounds – 296

Unsurprising. Even if you’re not a fan of 200 Stab Wounds — and we’re unsure why you wouldn’t be — you have to admit that these motherfuckers are making a huge name for themselves, in part due to their relentless touring schedule. All that, and their riffs will rip your legs off.

6. Undeath – 347

It’s time…to be on a list. Look, Undeath‘s new album rules, and they’re a name on everyone’s lips. That they’re only #6 on this list sort of surprised us. Just, just go put on this fucking record. It rules.

5. Frozen Soul – 412

Talk about coming out of nowhere and just BLOWING UP. Fort Worth’s Frozen Soul were new to us when Crypt of Ice came out last year, but they’ve quickly become a scene fixture. Probably because that record slaps, with some of that sweet Bolt Thrower action.

4. Venom Prison – 479 votes

As far as we can tell, there are a handful of reasons that Venom Prison landed so high on the list. Their songs rule, their message is really powerful and refreshing, they’re doing interesting things in a sometimes-stagnant scene — but mostly, they posted the FUCK out of this poll. These guys just wanted it more.

3. Blood Incantation – 577 votes

Yeah, obviously. Denver’s Blood Incantation aren’t just one of death metal’s gnarliest new acts, they’re also one of its smartest. The band’s long-form approach and unflinching desire to make their music both killer AND interesting have elevated them in the scene’s eyes. Get into aliens.

2. Gatecreeper – 580 votes

See, here’s the thing: we assumed Gatecreeper would be #1. They’re massive, their music fucking rules, and simply put, they’re the band in this wave that everyone has heard of the most. And hey, #2 ain’t bad. These guys are obviously still at the top of their game, and it’s obvious that they’ll forever be a spearhead leading this scene. But there’s just one problem…

1. Tombstoner – 729 votes

When we posted this poll, Tombstoner‘s fans showed the fuck UP. It was astounding how quickly this Staten Island crew’s fanbase came out to support them in this poll. And with good reason — the band’s 2021 album Victims of Vile Torture is goddamn delicious from beginning to end. Hail to the kings of the new wave!

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