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Ex-Absu Guitarist’s Band Sonja Releases Music Video for “Nylon Nights”


Despite what trolls on the internet will say, rock and metal is for everyone and is built on defiance and genuine catharsis. For Sonja, a Philly-based band fronted by ex-Absu guitarist Melissa Moore, their cathartic release in the face of bigotry and adversity is coming out next month with their first LP Loud Arriver. In anticipation of their debut album, the band released their first single and music video for “Nylon Nights.”

Moore was previously a member of Texas black metal band Absu, until she was unceremoniously kicked out for coming out as trans. She says all but one of her former bandmates turned their back on her and was told that she’d “fired herself” with “her decision.”

Though a rough spot for sure, Moore said she’s used that experience to fuel Sonja’s debut, as her lyrics address her experiences prior to coming out and her drive to hit back against people that threaten her existence as a transgender woman in the U.S. The forthcoming album marks her first full-length release in 10 years and serves as her debut behind the mic.

“‘Danger and Desire keep me alive.’ Possibly the most accurate lyric I’ve ever written. That’s how we ended up in these Nylon Nights. Cis luxuries like ‘safety’ and ‘stability’ have no meaning here. That numbness you feel spreading through you deeper than you thought you went? That’s not going away. That’s you now. Find us. We’ll be playing in the ruins…we are waiting.”

Loud Arriver is coming out on September 23 and can be preordered via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Sonja, Loud Arriver

  1. When the Candle Burns Low…
  2. Nylon Nights
  3. Pink Fog
  4. Wanting Me Dead
  5. Fuck, Then Die
  6. Daughter of the Morning Star
  7. Moans from the Chapel
  8. Loud Arriver
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