Quit Bein’ Weird: Waitress Gets Canned for Secretly Filming Axl Rose


In yet another instance of “I didn’t listen and now I’m facing the consequences,” a hotel waitress in Manaus, Brazil got fired from her job earlier this week after filming Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman Axl Rose while he stayed at the hotel.

According to Boletim Amazonia, the incident took place on Tuesday as Axl was waving to fans outside the hotel. In the video, you can tell the waitress, who was not named in the initial report, was standing behind a counter or bar as she filmed.

The whole time it’s obvious she’s trying to hide her phone as she records, constantly dipping it behind glasses and bottles while following Axl’s movements. It wasn’t long after the video made its way online that she was let go by the hotel.

After getting shit canned, the waitress told the press that she was just a fan looking to get something to remember Axl and the band by.

“I’m a big fan, I just wanted you to understand my feeling. I didn’t run to them, I didn’t make a fuss, I served them with great emotion. It’s the best band of all time, it’s our story and that’s for us, it’s not fair.”

While fans were quick to stand up for the waitress, others on Twitter clarified that hotel staff were warned against taking photos or video of the band and told that if they went against that order, they’d be terminated.

I’m of two minds about this. On one hand, it sucks that she got fired over something as innocuous as filming a 51 second video of the Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman. Had she been smart and kept it to herself, she’d probably still had a job.

On the other hand though, if her employer warned everyone not to take photos or videos of the band under threat of being fired if you do, then she kinda had it coming. She’s on private property owned by her employer and they can set the policies that determine whether you keep getting a paycheck or you end up on your G’N’R tramp stamped ass.

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