Get Crushed Under the Weight of This Earthrise Single “The New Man”


Post-metal outfit Earthrise have their sophomore album album, “Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way,” coming out next week and to garner another wave of excitement for what sounds like a killer studio effort, they’ve put out a visualizer for “The Next Man.”

According to the band, their new album focuses on the life of Laika, the dog that Soviet Russia sent as the world’s first animal in orbit. Originally revealed over at our sister site Metal Injection, Earthrise said “The New Man” sets the tone for the rest of the concept album.

“Our third single, “The New Man,” is the first track on the album and sets the political lens through which Laika’s story is viewed. After the successful launch of Sputnik I in October 1957 signified the dawning of the Space Age, Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev gave a surprise announcement that Sputnik II would launch in November as a further demonstration of Soviet prowess. By establishing space superiority, Soviet leaders aimed to show that communism would allow The New Man to emerge – idealized citizens made possible by an overabundance of Soviet resources and scientific development.

“This idea of The New Man was propaganda. It soon became clear that advancements in the Space Race were not made solely in the name of scientific progress, but to exhibit capability of nuclear payload delivery. Soviet leaders intended to prove the USSR’S military dominance to the world and would not let anything stand in their way – least of all an insignificant stray dog.

“The New Man standing as a harbinger of nuclear catastrophe is the foundation upon which Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way is built.”

Man, it is wild the kinds of concepts that people can base entire albums off of. Just based on its premise alone, Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way sounds like something to keep on your radar.

Earthrise’s Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way will release on October 14, though you can preorder your copy today.

Earthrise, “Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way”

  1. The New Man
  2. From Below
  3. Hypervigilant
  4. Generation Loss
  5. Our Work in the Stars Cannot Wait
  6. Prisoner’s Cinema
  7. Engineers of the Human Soul
  8. Void Hymn
  9. Tears of Burning Light
Get Crushed Under the Weight of This Earthrise Single “The New Man”
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