Ozzy’s Still a Kid at Heart in This PlayStation VR2 Commercial


He may not be able to tour ever again, but Ozzy Osbourne still knows how to shill for a product. Earlier today, the “Prince of Darkness” was featured in a new commercial for the PlayStation VR2, a virtual reality headset that’s coming out tomorrow for the PlayStation 5.

If you haven’t hit play down below just yet but you can imagine a 74 year-old grandpa having a blast in a virtual reality headset, then congrats — you’ve already seen this commercial. Admittedly, it’s great to watch a guy even pretend to have fun when so many headlines about him have been just… sad.

What makes the clip even funnier is the premise that he’s supposed to be helping Sharon pack for their move back to the U.K. As someone whose dad loved to play video games almost as much as me and my sister did, I saw this sort of thing play out all the time. So when Sharon says that the massive robot bird trying to bite Ozzy’s head off in the game “needs to get in the back of the line,” it immediately made me think of my mom and her exasperatingly trying to pry my dad from games with the kids.

For the uninitiated, the PlayStation VR2 is a new virtual reality headset being released tomorrow exclusively for the PlayStation 5. It’s got advanced controllers and a headset equipped with two 4K OLED lenses that can beam ultra high resolution images directly onto your eyeballs. The base model costs $549.99, so as long as you have that cash and the $500 PS5 console, you’re set.

Unless you’re Ozzy — then you probably got one for free…

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