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Ex-Fear Factory Singer Burton C. Bell Says His Replacement “Doesn’t Affect Me”


After two years, industrial metal outfit Fear Factory announced that Italian vocalist Milo Silvestro was going to front the band from here on out, replacing his predecessor Burton C. Bell. We’ve run videos of his performances, statements from guitarist Dino Cazares about how Milo’s the right guy for the job, but we’ve heard nothing from Bell about all this — until now.

During a recent interview with Talk Toomey podcast host Joshua Toomey (transcribed by Blabbermouth), Bell said finally being replaced in his former band “doesn’t affect me at all.”

“To be honest, I haven’t been this happy in a long time. More power to them, but I’m just moving forward in my own life, my own career, and I’m just trying to make a name for myself.”

Bell’s most recently been in headlines for an upcoming art gallery he’s opening at the Vincent Castiglia Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida next month. Having ostensibly been focusing on his art for a while now, the ex-frontman said he hasn’t looked up any videos of Milo performing the songs he helped pen.

Even with everything that’s happened over the years and the fact that he’s no longer a part of the band for the better part of two years, Bell said he was fine getting questions from fans and media about Fear Factory.

“Fear Factory, it’s what I’m known for. And the 30 years I had with Fear Factory were some of the proudest moments of my career. And everything I’ve ever done in Fear Factory I’m very proud of. Even some of the questionable things I’ve done in Fear Factory I’m still proud of. It was a great legacy.”

You can catch the full Burton C. Bell interview on Talk Toomey below.

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