Watch WWE Wrestler Edge Use Slayer’s “South of Heaven” for His Wrestlemania Entrance


This past weekend, the biggest pro wrestling promotion in the planet put on the biggest wrestling show on the planet, as Wrestlemania 39 tore down the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Now, I may be a returning wrestling fan after years of not following Vince McMahon’s product, but I do know metal and wrestling have always been connected one way or another.

This year’s Wrestlemania didn’t disappoint in that department, as wrestler Edge used Slayer’s 1986 classic “South of Heaven” for part of his ring entrance. As you can see in the clips below, there was a fuck ton of fire, imagery of people falling into a pit, and a bedazzled skull mask wearing dude — naturally.

Edge’s entrance was particularly over the top because not only was he channeling his edgy (get it) Brood character when he played (I shit you not) a vampire, going so far as to call himself “Brood Edge” for the match. He was going up against another dark character, Finn Balor, in a Hell in a Cell match.

Metal artists linked to the WWE and certain superstars has been going on since at least the 80s. Just last year, we had Ozzy lip synching “War Pigs” for the pre-recorded hype reel for the WarGames pay-per-view, and both Chris Motionless and Code Orange contributed entrance themes for Rhea Ripley and Bray Wyatt, respectively. Living Colour famously gave pariah wrestler CM Punk his iconic entrance music when they let him use “Cult of Personality.” Hell, even the mighty Motörhead contributed multiple entrance themes for Triple H.

Overall, the match was super cool and in order to avoid spoilers I won’t say much more other than I really miss the days where WWE wasn’t afraid to show a little blood from time to time.

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