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Dave Lombardo’s “Inner Sanctum” is a Dark, Moody Solo Track


Who knew a song using only drums could be so atmospheric? With a couple weeks left before the release of ex-Slayer, current Testament/Mr. Bungle/Venamoris drummer Dave Lombardo‘s solo album Rites of Percussion, the third and final single “Inner Sanctum” has come to give us a bad time.

From the patterns played to the way the various percussion instruments used were recorded and altered, “Inner Sanctum” has a sound that I can only describe as a sense of impending doom. Leave it to one of music’s greatest drummers to create that feeling with a drum kit and some extra instruments. From what I can tell in this new track, we’re dealing with an artist that’s taken decades of thrash metal prowess and avant-garde styling and turned it into a unique soundscape that dares anyone to question his place among the greats.

Just like his two previous singles “Journey of the Host” and “Separation from the Sacred,” “Inner Sanctum” uses the power of Lombardo’s rhythmic capabilities to convey a certain emotion. Driving forward with that purpose, the single’s helped visually by the Displaced/Replaced created video.

Again, as someone who looks completely lost sitting behind a drum kit, I may be overstating how impressive this all is. I wouldn’t know. But to my ear, it really sounds like Rites of Percussion is going to be something special if you’re looking for a non-traditional release.

Rites of Percussion won’t be available until May 5, but you can preorder a copy today in a number of formats and variants.

Dave Lombardo, Rites of Percussion

  1. Initiatory Madness
  2. Separation from the Sacred
  3. Inner Sanctum
  4. Journey of the Host
  5. Maunder in Liminality
  6. Despojo
  7. Interfearium
  8. Blood Let
  9. Warpath
  10. Guerrero
  11. Vicissitude
  12. Omiero
  13. Animismo
Dave Lombardo is Releasing a Solo Drum Album
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