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Clutch Turn Back the Clock 30 Years with One of Their Earliest Recorded Shows


We all know Clutch as they are today — a titanic foursome of Marylanders whose penchant for the odd and groovy has made for some of the best damn rock n’ roll for decades now. They’re a staple, really. Yet it wasn’t always like that and today’s release of PA Tapes (Live at King’s Head Inn, Norfolk, VA, 4/25/93) proves just that.

Recorded exactly 30 years ago to the day, this new release is available on all digital streaming platforms, giving fans a chance to hear Clutch in their formative years, playing a Norfolk, Virginia venue that barely held 100 fans.

The band notes that since they were known back then for changing the set list every night with each member getting to take a turn at choosing what they were going to play, this particular show’s set was hand picked by frontman Neil Fallon.

“This is a recording of our set at the legendary King’s Head Inn in Norfolk, VA on April 25th, 1993. We had just finished recording Transnational Speedway League and it was due to come out in September of that year. The night prior to this set, we had played in New York City at The Academy with Biohazard, Onyx, and Dog Eat Dog. We can’t recall who else was on the bill this particular night at the King’s Head Inn, though. We cleaned up this board tape as best we could. We also didn’t edit out the moments in-between songs because, despite the abundance of noise and the low fidelity, we think it best captures the essence of what a Clutch show was like 30 years ago.”

It’s always cool when bands take a dive back into their history and dredge something up for new and old fans to enjoy. In addition to the new album release, the band is selling commemorative, limited edition t-shirts for one week only, so if you want them, you gotta head over to their merch store right away.

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