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Evile Continue Their Turn to Groove Metal with “Reap What You Sow”


Long-time thrash metal outfit Evile are taking a new slower, more groove-laden with their upcoming album The Unknown and their latest single “Reap What You Sow” continues the trend. The new album, set for release on July 14 via Napalm Records, is being touted by the band as a way to “prove they are more than just a thrash band.”

Compared to the album’s first single and title track “The Unknown,” this new track features even more stomp-inducing heavy riffs. And while the lyrics may sound like a take down of today’s divisive political climate, which you may have picked up if you watched the video below, guitarist and vocalist OL Drake said that wasn’t the original intent of the piece.

“Without wanting to share too much about this track’s personal meaning, this song is about hypocrisy; someone saying not to do something, then they do it themselves. I gave Ingo, the lyric video director, no direction other than the lyrics, so the video is his own interpretation of the song. There’s a down-picking riff challenge in the middle section of the song. Enjoy!”

The more personal nature falls in line with what OL Drake has gone on record in the past saying the new album will focus on. According to the band, The Unknown will take a much more personal look at some pretty heavy themes, including “depression, overcoming loss and recurring nightmares, self-esteem and image, to more personal themes like living with dementia, struggling through the music industry and even the concerns of becoming a new parent.”

And while these last two singles now have had a mostly more groove metal tinge to them, that doesn’t mean we won’t get to hear them turn up the heat and speed things up. We’ll just have to wait and see for the rest of the record.

The Unknown will be out on July 14 via Napalm Records, but you can preorder your copy today.

The Unknown track listing:
1. The Unknown
2. The Mask We Wear
3. Monolith
4. When Mortal Coils Shed
5. Sleepless Eyes
6. Out of Sight
7. At Mirror’s Speech
8. Reap What You Sow
9. Beginning of the End
10. Balance of Time

Evile Continue Their Turn to Groove Metal with “Reap What You Sow”
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