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Falling in Reverse Show Canceled Over Air Quality, Ronnie Radke Blames Canada


Wildfires continue to burn in Canada, with the resulting smoke affecting the air quality in various parts of the United States and Canada. As a city near the United States – Canadian border, Syracuse, New York is currently experiencing a lower-than-average air quality, leading to the city determining that it was unsafe for Falling in Reverse to perform at an outdoor venue and that the show would have to be postponed.

The band themselves put out the standard statement that explains the situation and the rescheduled date, which is in September.

“Syracuse – we’ve been notified by local officials that the air quality conditions at St. Joseph’s Health Amphitheater will be unsafe tomorrow night (June 30) due to Canadian wildfire smoke, and that we must reschedule.”

The band’s frontman, Ronnie Radke, then made his own tweet about the situation. As usual, Radke served as the antagonist and blamed officials in Syracuse and Canada in general for keeping fans from attending a Falling in Reverse show that posed a risk to their health.

“Syracuse N.Y. we’re sorry but air quality in your city is too bad and officials won’t let us since it’s an outside amphitheater. Blame Canada lol see you September 12 though we’re not canceling.”

Radke’s outburst is especially funny because the singer is a notable crybaby. In April, Radke canceled shows due to vocal issues that he eventually chalked up to laryngitis. At the time, though, he blamed cold air inside the venue. Air quality is a serious concern, especially in 2023 when the effects of wildfires affect larger and larger swathes of the population. You would think that a singer who allegedly cares so much about the lungs and throat he uses to sing with would understand why it’s an issue. Then again, this is the man who dramatically covered “Last Resort” earlier this week.

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