Falling In Reverse’s Take on “Last Resort” is the Most Unnecessary Cover of 2023


It’s rare when something is so unbelievably cringe that even I have a hard time putting things into words. But earlier today, Falling In Reverse‘s Ronnie Radke chose violence by unleashing his band’s overly dramatic, pop-meets-punk version of Papa Roach‘s breakthrough hit “Last Resort.”

Given that this is Falling In Reverse, you may be inclined to think that this “reimagined” version of that nu-metal classic from more than 20 years ago would have some down tuned guitars, maybe some screamy vocals before breaking into a little rap section or something. But nope. It’s ballad time and there’s no better canvas than the lyrical and vocal stylings of Jacoby Shaddix.

According to the band, however, a “reminagined” version of this song means we’ve got Radke dramatically singing while he plays the piano. If you’ve seen any kind of game or movie trailer in the last few years, then you know exactly the type of vibe this thing has.

The thing is, nobody wanted or asked for this. It’s one thing to take a song you like and put your own spin to it in an effort to pay homage and improve on the original. It’s another to take a song practically everyone knows and just make it worse. All I can think is how I wish the recording engineer cranked up the AC in the studio to stop this from even happening.

But that didn’t happen, so here we are.

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