Slaughter To Prevail’s Video for New Single “Viking” Highlights Their Chaotic Live Show


Russian deathcore outfit Slaughter To Prevail are fucking intense live. Having recently torn a path across the U.S. in their headlining tour, the band has made a name for themselves as a crushing, unrelenting force armed with wild guitars, thunderous drumming, and the practically demonic vocal presence of Alex Terrible. Shit is wild.

So when we got word that the band was dropping the album version of their new single “Viking” and its accompanying music video, we thought it would feature some dudes in viking get ups — maybe in the demon masks to help sell some merch — slaughtering some hapless villagers or something. But that turned out to be a stupid notion, since Slaughter To Prevail isn’t really the kind of act to rely on the grand spectacle. (Except for that time Terrible “wrestled a bear” for a music video…)

Featuring lyrics in both Russian and English, Terrible says the new track draws on brutal stories of ancient warriors and their exploits.

“‘Viking’ is a powerful ode to the spirit of the ancient warriors, infused with our signature metal energy and a touch of folklore that will transport you to a realm of ancient legends and battle cries Now, we are thrilled to bring this experience from the stage to your speakers.”

Slaughter To Prevail has been in a weird position as of late, given the ongoing conflict between their homeland and Ukraine. The band has always held the stance that they’re apolitical, but that they are very anti-war, by claiming they “do not take sides.” That being said, they’ve also come out showing solidarity for Ukraine while asking fans to not vilify the Russian populace as a result of the aggression.

Regardless of the geopolitical situation involving Russia and Ukraine, you should absolutely play the single below as loud as possible. This shit rips.

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