Convicted Pedophile Ian Watkins Stabbed Multiple Times in Jail, World Keeps Turning


Former Lostprophets vocalist and convicted human piece of shit… I mean pedophile… Ian Watkins is struggling to continue wasting our air after he was stabbed multiple times in a U.K. jail.

According to reports by The Mirror and The Guardian, the incident occurred at HMP Wakefield, where Watkins is serving a nearly 30 year prison sentence after admitting to numerous and particularly heinous acts of child sex abuse more than a decade ago.

Witness accounts suggest Watkins was “found by officers after being held hostage and battered on Saturday morning.” According to initial reports, Watkins was taken as a hostage just after 9 a.m. Saturday morning by three other inmates. For roughly six hours, officials say the disgraced rockstar was beaten and stabbed by his captors.

Watkins was initially sentenced to a 35 year prison sentence back in 2013 after he pleaded guilty to 13 counts of child sex offenses, including attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13, three counts of sexual assault involving children, six counts of child pornography, and “one of possessing an extreme pornographic image involving a sex act on an animal.” In at least one instance, he “groomed” a fan of his to take pornographic images of her young daughter for his own gratification, but the truly sickening details surrounding his misdeeds are even worse — we’ll spare you the details.

And that’s not all! This fucker has remained unrepentant for his crimes. In fact, this guy was busted for smuggling a cellphone up his ass. And then in 2017, roughly four years after he was convicted, the living waste of human flesh was caught trying to convince a 21-year-old mother to engage in sexual acts with her two-year-old. In that instance, the mother thankfully lost custody of her kid.

Though we don’t know the full extent of his injuries, some people might say it’s still not enough given the severity of his crimes. A representative at HMP Wakefield said the incident is currently being investigated.

“Police are investigating an incident which took place on Saturday at HMP Wakefield. We are unable to comment further while the police investigate.”

Still, there are fears that the convict might die, with one source telling The Mirror that “if he survives, he’ll have been very lucky.” Though let’s be real — dying before his full sentence is served would be the easy way out for Watkins, so here’s hoping he recovers so he can rot in jail some more.

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