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Witching Can Tell You About Pain on New Song “So Young, So Useless”


If you like bands like Oathbreaker, Converge and Thou and you haven’t heard Witching yet, you should rectify that by listening to the band’s new song “So Young, So Useless.” Selected from the band’s upcoming sophomore LP, Incendium, “So Young, So Useless” is a rifftastic tune that plays up every side of Witching’s sound without sounding forced.

“So Young, So Useless” starts with a staccato riff interspersed with frantic tremolo picking, making way for vocalist Jacqui Powell’s throat-ripping growl. The song continues to gain speed until it comes to a screeching halt for a doomy breakdown and clean instrumentation with sung vocals. Witching demonstrate a real flair for the dramatic here and they’re able to impressively bring the song back around, taking “So Young, So Useless” back into heavy territory while upholding the somber, emotive atmosphere they invoked earlier.

Powell offered her own perspective about the song:

“I wrote the lyrics to this song at the tail end of this record being made. Nate (Zagrimanis) wrote the music early on and its temporary name was ‘Polarity.’  I can’t help but think about how some of us go through life without showing our authentic selves. We are guided by this person who we think we ought to be. This song is about disturbing the pendulum.

“The lyrics describe what I was experiencing during this period – I wasn’t sure how else to translate my pain at times other than being sarcastic or angry. I was in physical and mental pain from an injury, going through a life change, and trying to figure out if suffering was a lesson.”

If you’re in Europe, you’ll have a chance to see Witching later this month and into October. Incendium is out on October 27 via Translation Loss.

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