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Lars Ulrich’s All-Time *Least* Favorite Metallica Song is…

It's a deeper cut from an older record.

Cannibal Corpse Singer Reacts to Flea Reacting to Cannibal Corpse

Chris Barnes names his favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers album.

Flea Just Discovered Cannibal Corpse

We eagerly await the RHCP funk cover of "Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's C*nt."

Watch: Post Malone and Jared Dines Play Metal Together

They look like they were having a grand ol' time jamming on some thrash.

Lars Ulrich’s All-Time Favorite Metallica Song is…

What is it what is it what is it? Aren't you DYING to know??

Rob Halford’s Isolated Vocals Are Friggin’ Bonkers

Listen to Halford's incredible vocals on "Hell Bent for Leather," "Painkiller," "Screaming for Vengeance," and more.

Video: Did You Know Post Malone Can Absolutely SHRED on Guitar?

The rapper shared a video of himself working through Eric Johnson's classic track "Cliffs of Dover."

Hear Radiohead’s “Creep” Covered in the Style of Deftones

Via Ten Second Songs' Anthony Vincent. It works incredibly well!

Mixer Chris Lord-Alge On In Flames Clayman Re-Recordings: “If You’re Mad About It, Then Listen To The Originals”

The man who mixed the re-recordings tells internet haters to get f*cked.

Jamey Jasta Wants to Re-Record the Vocals for Metallica’s Lulu With a Cadre of Metal All-Stars

Jasta's suggested vocalists include Dee Snider, Sebastian Bach, Robb Flynn, and Kirk Windstein.

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich on God Awful St. Anger Snare Sound: “I Stand Behind It 100%”

The drummer defends arguably the most controversial snare drum sound in history.

Gene Hoglan on Metallica “Borrowing” From Dark Angel

Hoglan may or may not throw some shade at Lars Ulrich.

Finally, the God Awful Snare Drum Sound on Metallica’s St. Anger Explained

Producer Bob Rock tells the story of how he and Lars Ulrich settled on the most infamous snare sound in…

Video: Dragonforce Teach You to Write a Sabaton Song in Ten Minutes

"This is much easier than writing a Dragonforce song," guitarist Herman Li claims.

Periphery Guitarist Posts Playthrough for “Sentient Glow”

Shot at the sprawling Seymour Duncan factory floor in California.

If Iron Maiden Covered “Enter Sandman,” It Might Sound Like This

An incredible cover of Metallica's classic that really does sound like Maiden played it.

Let’s Write a Slipknot Song!

What makes a Slipknot song a Slipknot song? Can it be replicated?

This Guitar Made Entirely of Nails is the Most Metal Guitar EVER

The guitar's builder used a hammer made entirely out of nails to build it. Metal!

Artificial Intelligence Wrote This Fake Metallica Song

"Deliverance Rides," an AI-generated Metallica song, sounds just like Metallica!