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Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” Re-Recorded in the Style of Slipknot (Now with More Corey Taylor!)

Two YouTubers have collaborated for a special project that combines the only two bands that matter.

Metallica’s “Battery” Re-Recorded to Sound Like The Black Album

What if the band made the leap to the big production and slower tempos of The Black Album sooner?

“Biggest Shred Collab Song In The World III” Feat. Members of Megadeth, Trivium, Animals as Leaders, Polyphia and More

Jared Dines's annual shred collaboration video also features Angel Vivaldi, Nik Nocturnal, Stevie T, Lucas Mann, Andy James and others.

Behold: Born of Osiris Performed on a Harp!

A rockin' cover of "Follow the Signs" performed on the harp by Gabriela Gutierrez.

Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” Re-Recorded To Sound Like …And Justice For All

What if the band never made the leap to the big production and slower tempos of The Black Album?

Rivers of Nihil’s Jon Topore Wrote This Original Song For Drumception 2019

The guitarist wrote an original song over an orchestral drum track.

Marc Okubo of Veil of Maya: New Original Song For Drumception 2019

Check out Marc's own original song written over an orchestral metal drum track.

Toontrack Announces Black Friday Week Promotions

Steep discounts on some of the best audio recording software available.

Video: Learn How TesseracT’s Daniel Tompkins Writes and Records His Vocals

An in-depth, personal look into how TesseracT's Daniel Tompkins writes and records his vocals.

The First Time Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Ever Heard a Wah Pedal

Believe it or not it wasn't Hendrix.

Jeff Loomis New Original Song For Drumception 2019 (Arch Enemy)

Listen to a new, original composition by Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy!

Toontrack Releases Drum MIDI Pack by Sean Reinert (ex-Cynic/Death)

A collection of drum MIDI grooves performed by technical death metal pioneer Sean Reinert.

Born of Osiris’s Lee McKinney Wrote This Song For Drumception 2019!

Check out these BOO-ian grooves written on top of orchestral drum sounds.

Toontrack Releases Death Metal Guitars EZmix Pack

The pack features 50 individually engineered guitar tones, all modeled after some of the most genre-defining albums and bands of…

Video: Dragonforce’s Gee Anzalone Plays Fortnite While Drumming

Is this impressive or what? No, I'm seriously asking. I can't tell if this is impressive or not.

Septicflesh’s Christos Antoniou Releases Drumception 2019 Track

Guitarists: what would you write on top of this drum track? Hear what the Septicflesh guitarist did.

Toontrack Launches Metal Month with New Mark Lewis and Tue Madsen Expansions

The Death & Darkness SDX merges two world-class studios with two of today’s most in-demand modern metal producers: Mark Lewis…

Here’s a Drum Cover of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” Played with Dildos

YouTuber / Decrepit Birth drummer 66Samus attacks AC/DC's classic track "Back in Black" with some giant rubber dongs.