Reunion Mania



Back in January, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odajian caused quite a stir when he seemed to suggested that metal’s most famous Armenian American band was finally reuniting after a hiatus of what seemed like for-ever. Then, the next day, he basically sent out another tweet taking it back, and vocalist Serj Tankian finally stated that  “we have not decided to do anything as of yet,” and that the band would continue their “indefinite hiatus.”

I was hoping that this was just Serj trying to throw fans off the scent – we’ve seen a lot of musicians deny reunion rumors right before the official announcement – but I guess not, ’cause Scars on Broadway, the SOAD side-project that only I liked, are getting back together for a show in May.

You may recall (or, more likely, do not recall) that SOB abruptly cancelled tour plans in 2008 after they failed to sell any tickets because Daron Malakian “concluded that his heart wasn’t into touring” at that particular moment. Which really endured him to the five fans the band had (like me).

But I guess they’re gonna make another run of it! Maybe people will be into it this time. I’d go see them if I lived anywhere near the show.

Meanwhile, Shavo Odajian continues to have lots of free time to masturbate.


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