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No, they didn’t break-up; the band – which features members of Bloodjinn and Glass Casket – has just changed their name to Vanisher. They’ve also announced an August 10 release date for their new full-length, The History of Saints.

Is the name change good or bad? Vanisher strikes me a slightly more generic, but at least kids won’t ask what it means. (On the other hand, I’d wager nine out of ten Misery Index fans have no idea what a “misery index” is, but whatever.) Still, the band seems to have some good reasoning behind the name switch. Says vocalist/bassist Justin Reich:

“Our sound and line up has changed enough to the point where we didn’t feel like the same band anymore. We will be keeping some of our older songs the fans love but are very excited on what has been shaping up in the studio these last few months. I think all of our fans will be very happy with what they hear.”

Fair ‘nough! Listen to the title track and see what you think here.

Meanwhile, a little birdie told me that Bloodjinn may (big emphasis on “may”) regroup to make a new album in the not-too-distant future. Wouldn’t that be sweet? It’s been way too long since This Machine Runs on Empty.


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