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If there was ever any chance that the metal community would take The Grammy Awards seriously, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences completely blew it the moment they gave the inaugural award for Best Metal Performance to a band featuring a flautist. The awards have rightfully been considered a joke ever since, and its last shards of credibility were destroyed once and for all last year, when the aformentioned National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences folded the awards for Best Metal Performance and Best Hard Rock Performance into one category, meaning that suddenly bands like Megadeth and Mastodon were competing with bands like the Foo Fighters and Sum 41.

So, of course, The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live has announced a new exhibit, Golden Gods: The History of Heavy Metal.

It’s possible that despite the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences complete cluelessness about the music we love won’t prohibit them from having some cool shit at the exhibit, but the irony of the situation should not be lost on museum-goers; this is akin to the estate of Strom Thurmond opening a museum with an exhibit on the history of the civil rights movement.

And in case there was any doubt that these dudes are the squarest squares possible, check out this screen cap from the website advertising the exhibit:

You can just hear the Bret Michaels-hosted informercial in your head, can’t you?

The exhibit opens April 11 to coincide with this year’s Revolver Golden Gods Awards. If you’re so inclined, you can get more details here.


[via Noisecreep]

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