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Joey Jordison on Slipknot: “Those guys are my brothers forever. I love them very much.”


One day the members of Slipknot will explain why they so abruptly let drummer Joey Jordison go in 2013.

Until then — aside from one vague comment from Corey Taylor more than two years ago — we’ll just have the never-ending stream of quotes from Jordison himself, who insists he was unfairly fired because of a neurological disorder in his spinal cord which hindered his ability to play drums.

Earlier this month Jordison commented that he “would never have quit Slipknot, ever,” while continuing to express some resentment and confusion. In the latest interview to promote his new vehicles Vimic and Sinsaenum those sentiments continue, although this time there’s an added dose of gratefulness for all he accomplished with his ex-bandmates in the past. Speaking with the One On One With Mitch Lafon podcast [via Blabbermouth], Jordison said:

“Without Slipknot, I would not necessarily be where I am today. And all those guys and everyone that I worked with, wrote with, all the producers, all the albums, all the tours, everything that we did, I can never, ever in a million years compact it into an interview right now of the great things that we did together, and I would not trade ’em for the world. Those guys are my brothers forever. I love them very much, and I wish them well.”

It’s good to see the subtle change in tone from Jordison. Perhaps he’s finally beginning to move on.

Look: Joey is going to be asked about Slipknot for the rest of his life — same as Dave Mustaine will always be asked about Metallica, more than 30 years later — so he better learn to roll with the punches and give as non-controversial an answer as possible, forcing the interviewer to move on to the next topic and giving the press very little to grab onto. The above is certainly a start. Now, if only more journalists would start asking the remaining members of Slipknot about the split… (Slipknot’s management won’t let us anywhere near the band, unfortunately, because they’re still sour about this).

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