Into Eternity Debut First New Song in Ten Years, “The Fringes of Psychosis” (feat. ex-Megadeth Guitarist Glenn Drover)


It has now been TEN years since Into Eternity last released an album, 2008’s The Incurable Tragedy. In 2015 they announced an album would soon come out on the band’s new label Kolony Records (they were previously signed to Century Media) and then… bupkes.  In February 2017 they again teased a new album to be released later that year… and again nothin’!

I’m sure those delays will be discussed at length in interviews very soon, though, because finally, FINALLY, Into Eternity will release a new album this year for really real: The Sirens will see the light of day on August 3rd, will seemingly be self-released, and there’s a new track called “The Fringes of Psychosis” out right now via Metal injection.

This is the first time we’re hearing new vocalist Amanda Kiernan on a recorded track (she replaced Stu Block in 2013 after he went on to front Iced Earth, and has toured with the band since) and she sounds positively fantastic here. Musically, the track has everything an Into Eternity fan could want: epic choruses, proggy instrumental breaks, ripping guitar leads, neo-classical influence… it’s great! The question is, after all this time away, how many people are as anxious for this release as we are? And will the band be able to pick up new fans along the way? I sure hope so: I’m [into] eternally rooting for these folks.

The track features a guest solo from ex-Megadeth guitarist Glenn Drover. Death Toll Rising drummer Bryan Newbury and Untimely Demise guitarist Matt Cuthbertson join Amanda Kiernan as new to Into Eternity’s permanent lineup since their last album.

Listen to “The Fringes of Psychosis” below. A pre-order of The Sirens will allegedly be available right here very soon (if it isn’t already by the time you read this).

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