Into Eternity Tease New Album This Year


Last time we heard from Into Eternity they’d just made a big announcement proclaiming that their next album, Sirens, was completely finished and that they’d inked a new label deal with Kolony Records.

That was in June of 2015. Sirens has still not been released.

But! Perhaps the two-year mark will be the lucky charm? Into Eternity drummer Bryan James Newbury shared a Facebook post by guitarist/mastermind Tim Roth — itself linking to a Brave Words article plugging three upcoming Western Canadian show dates — in which he added the following commentary:

“Were gearing up to get back on the horse this year and finally bring you some brand new music! Thank you to all of our fans who have been so patient and loyal to us over the years. We love you! ????”

Newbury’s statement leaves plenty of wiggle room: “gearing up to get back on the horse this year” is by no means “new album will be released this year.” But it’s something, right? At the very least, the band is thinking about new music… which is better than not thinking about new music.

We will, of course, keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s a clip of Into Eternity performing “Frozen Hell” back in 2013, which is basically the newest thing we have from them. The video features vocalist Amanda Kiernan, who was at the time filling in for Stu Block but has since taken over full time.

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