What the...??



Courtney Love Polaroid 2Last week we posted Courtney Love’s latest display of English language prowess blog offering, in which the Hole frontwoman poo-pooed beer, remarking “Beer isnt even GOOD. i mean REALLY. ‘ahh ahm a gonna belly up to the sports bar and have a brewski y’all want one?’ i mean who has really had more than TEN beers in thier life on my blog?”

Well, approximately 30 of you disagreed with Court and shared your opinions with us on her reverse-sexist tirade, including one commenter named “cherry” who may or may not in fact be Courtney Love herself. Cherry’s style of prose and firm grasp on the English language mysteriously resembles Love’s, and though we can’t be sure, Cherry’s avid defense of Courtney and Dave Grohl-bashing are mighty suspicious. We also find her choice of posting name highly curious (and time — 5:04am!) , given that 5 hours after said comment was posted, Love put up another blog on her MySpace titled “beer”; we think the 7th word looks familiar:

hey now..i LOVE that Belgium Cherry beery and Frambois beer and Ale and Stella and shit i mean Budweiser CULTURE its all about the fucking m,enfolk and their goddammed football , ilove me some basketball if im inthe good seats atthe lakers and i do lobve bnaseball buti just hate budweiser culture its annoyingly obvious i hope that clarifies mty fox talking point issue wich seems tohave taken off.

Ah, so we get it, you just frown upon Budweiser and the men who drink it! Way to be so egalitarian; only high class beer like Stella and “Belgium Cherry Beery” will do for you! Excuse us low-class metal farts for getting confused by your Olde English prose. At least we write in the first person rather than pretending to be your own fan named “cherry.” Also Court, in all honesty, some good ol’ Bud might do you some good; get some meat on those bones.


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