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agenda of swine coverRather than harping on the same old bands around here, how about a few you’ve never heard of? Give them a listen, won’t you? Do it for the kids.

Warship – Raw, stony, sludgified metal featuring Francis Mark (vocals, drums) and Rob Lauritsen (guitar, bass) of From Autumn To Ashes. The group is currently in a New York studio recording their debut release with producer Andrew Schneider (Made Out Of Babies, Cave In, Pelican, Unsane) for a release on Vagrant Records this fall, and the new track “Toil” is up on their MySpace page. Think a sludgier version of Thrice’s heaviest moments from the Fire disc of Alchemy Index.

Submethod – MetalSucks reader Ceth C. sent us a link to Submethod, the old band of The Human Abstract singer Nathan Ells. The music is definitely very different from The Human Abstract, but it’s also very, very interesting — his vocal style is truly unique, almost Middle Eastern sounding — on top of intricate rhythms and metal grooves. Actually, it reminds me a whole lot of The Apex Theory (anyone remember them?). Highlight tracks are “Morningstar” and “Defining the Beast,” while the others veer a bit close to nu-metal for this guy.

Agenda of Swine – Death metal-influenced Bay Area thrash that refreshingly doesn’t sound like the dozens of thrash revival bands making the rounds in 2008. Their entire new album Waves of Human Suffering was released in the US this week and will be released Internationally next week. You can stream the entire thing for free (ain’t that swell?) at


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