MDF Memories



MDF Memories

We’re just a couple of weeks away from Maryland Deathfest 2010, which will take place from May 28-30 in (duh) Baltimore, Maryland. This year’s edition of the annual fest promises to be the best one yet, with a line-up that includes Gorguts, Autopsy, Obituary, Entombed, Sodom, Repulsion, D.R.I., and a ton of other kick-ass bands. In anticipation of the event, we thought it would be fun to get some recollections of past MDFs from artists who were there. So we’re teaming up with Relapse Records to do just that! Read the raucous inaugural entry by Matt from Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, memories of a jam-packed day from Tomas Lindberg of Disfear (and At the Gates) and the latest entry from Pete Benumb of Agenda of Swine, below. We’ve got two more entries left before the fest starts.

2009 was my first MDF. It goes without saying that it was awesome. Got to play the same fest as Misery Index, Immolation, The Red Chord, Despise You, Abscess, Kill the Client, Catheter and Plf. Got to catch up and actually hang with old and dear friends!

We had just finished playing and went back to the hotel room to dump our gear. I am really not much of a drinker, but I was enjoying a beer with Jason and John. Glancing at the time, I only had a few minutes to catch Kill The Client’s set. So I slammed a second beer and walked out into the heat, but the mix of heat and alcohol helped my buzz a bit too well.

Standing outside the hotel was an MDF patron, a man with short hair wearing dog tags and a white shirt. This person had “locked” his keys in a government van and needed a locksmith or something. Then he goes into a long detailed story about his rank and his unit. I retired from the military in ’07 and missed the camaraderie, and since it was Memorial Day Weekend I felt I needed to take care of one my own. Without question this dude got $20 from a not-so-sober Pete.

I got snookered… and bad. It’s not like I’ve never encountered panhandlers before. In hindsight, this guy’s story was pathetically bad. Hahahaha… Regardless, the rest of the weekend ripped!! Have an awesome 2010 MDF, everyone!

– Pete Benumb

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