I’ve always loved Stone Temple Pilots and refuse to make any apologies about it. Found this video at of Stone Temple Pilots dressed up in full KISS makeup for a show in 1993 at The Roseland Ballroom in NYC, and it goes to prove what I’ve been saying all along; STP were always just a modern version of their classic rock heroes, unfairly thrown into the whole grunge / alternative axis by some marketing minions in a major label conference room. Here they are performing “Crackerman;” look at that audience go apeshit. Also: is Weiland actually playing that guitar or just hamming it up as part of the Paul Stanley shtick?

Rumor has it that the DeLeo bros. are working on material for a new STP album while Weiland finishes up his solo tour. No word yet on the status of the pending lawsuit with Atlantic Records.

DeLeo bros. 4-evr!


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