Black Collar Workers


  • Axl Rosenberg


Our boy Bram Teitelman at Metal Insider reports that Guitar Center – a.k.a. “the bane of Eyal Levi’s existence” – is now the defendant in a class action lawsuit, along with the National Association of Music Merchants (you know them as NAMM). See, as it turns out, those fuckers (I guess I should say “allegedly”) conspired to fix the prices of fretted instruments, even go so far as to as to attempt “to quash competition from online retailers by threatening to boycott manufacturers selling through online competitors.” Very nice.

I own two guitars, both of which are pretty much collecting dust as I attempt to spare the other inhabitants of the MetalSucks Mansion from my so-good-it-sounds-like-my-fingers-are-broken playing, so I rarely need to buy guitar equipment anymore. But when I do need strings or whatever, I always steer clear of Guitar Center because, well, it reminds me of fucking K-Mart. What a truly heinous place. (Stick to your local mom n’ pop retailers, kiddies. I shop here. It’s awesome. Check it out if you’re ever in the area.)

Read more of the story at Metal Insider. And if you bought a fretted instrument from these douche-tards between 2005 and 2007, you can become part of the class action suit here.


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