We’re running so many cool contests on MetalSucks right now that we figured it would be a good idea to write them all down in one place so I can keep track of everything as a service to our readers. Here’s what we’re currently running:

Also, for those keeping score at home, we chose a winner to our Loudpark ticket giveaway; that winner is Ohad Gonen, and his winning entry is posted in its entirety after the jump if you’d like to read it. Go ahead and accuse us of Jew favoritism and you’d be dead wrong half-right.

My name is Ohad and i’m from Israel. i just saw the contest on your website and i think you are doing a very nice thing here.
i also feel this is my last chance to get to the festival so i’m crossing my fingers hard as i’m writing (hard to do:) ).
this is the story:
this year i was working nonstop, not taking any vacaion until now, and i have decided to travel to China and Japan for 3 weeks to see the country and the culture, but especially – to go to Loudpark on the last 2 days of my trip to see my favorite band Megadeth and also Judas Priest, Slayer, Papa Roach, well – you know the list.
this festival was he force driving me to travel to this far (and expensive) part of the world.
i’m curently in China near Shanghai, and i will fly to Tokyo on the 12th of October, 5 days before the concert. my flight back home is on the 19th, just after the Festival, i have planned it like this beforehand for a chance to see it.
i have tried to purchae a ticket online several times without any success, so right now its a gamble for me to go there as the 2 day tickets are sold out and i dont know if there will be any tickets left…
now, i would like to note that i Live for Metal and Rock, im playing the guitar for like 15 years now and these bands usually\never comes to Israel so i only got the chance to see them live abroad, not to mention the experience of being in a Metal Festival (which i have never been to) and in Japan… its a dream.

well,as you can see i tried my best to bring tears to your eyes, i hope i did well… if you would like to make my trip memorable and make me very happy – choose me :)
i can assure you that i wont resell this ticket , i will use it and enjoy it :)
Thank you,
Ohad Gonen

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