Hair Metal Happy Hour



“Builtforsin” got all riled up in the comments of yesterday’s Axl-penned post about James Lomenzo’s stint in White Lion. Seems Mr. sin isn’t too fond of our posts about ’80s hair metal:

Can we get over this pussy 80’s throwback/hair metal band/musical disaster fuckfest you guys got going on over the last few days and get to some shit people care about. I understand news is slow but FUCK. This shit is horrible. Maybe take a day off so you can save up an article or two of some not queer shit? Review an album, SOMETHING? You guys get less metal everyday.

Hey, builtforsin, guess what? FUCK YOU! It’s our site and we’ll post whatever we damn well please! I’m not even into White Lion — like, at all — but just because you asked, here’s some video footage of White Lion guitarist Vito Bratta shredding it up live in 1988. At least commenters “braincake” and “columbo” knows what’s up.


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