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In December I used the logo of the band Disfiguring the Goddess for Completely Unreadable Band Logo of the Week. What I didn’t know at the time was that DTG and its mastermind, Big Chocolate (né Cameron Argon), already had a cult following. So I checked out Disfiguring the Goddess and while the music was maybe a litttttttttllllle too slam-y for my tastes (No wonder Sergeant D. is a fan!), there was no doubt that Mr. Chocolate is a talented vocalist.

Well, hey, guess what? The story has taken another twist now, as the band Burning the Masses has announced that Big Chocolate is their new front dude, and will be on their album Offspring of Time when it comes out on Mediaskare, probably sometime in the early summer.

And I’m digging what I’m hearing on BTM’s MySpace page. It’s definitely deathcore, but there’s enough tech-y goodness and songwriting prowess to put the band under the “All Shall Perish” column and not the “Oceano” column. I’ll be really curious to hear what they and Large Cocoa come up with.

Here’s some video of Big Chocolate in the studio with Burning the Masses:

In other Big Chocolate news, the man would be known in France as Grand Chocolat is holding a competition in which fans can lay their vocals down over a new Disfiguring the Goddess track, and then members of Annotations of an Autopsy and I Declare War will judge the winners. Get more details here.


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