Rampant Rumors



SECOND UPDATE: It’s official. Just got the press release. Hoo-ray!

UPDATE: Longtime MS tipster Saul Hudson just sent the below screencap from Noah Martin’s Facebook page. So I guess it’s true! Original story follows after the jump.

Earlier this week came word from MetalSucks reader Brutal Jay that bassist Nathaniel Carter has split from Arsis because he’s militantly anti-weed; now longtime MetalSucks Maniac Pick-Axe Bobby has gotten an update from the band during their recent stop in Austin as part of the MetalSucks-sponsored Facemelter Tour.

Again, this should be treated as hearsay until the band releases some kind of official statement, but according to Bobby, guitarist Nick Cordle told him that Arsis’ last bassist, Noah Martin, will re-join the band mid-tour to fill the slot. No word on whether or not Martin’s return is permanent or just until they can find a full-time bassist. When he initially left the group, it was to finish college, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Martin is only doing his old pals a favor; on the other hand, that was almost two years ago, so it’s possible that Martin has either a) accumulated all the credits he needs to get his degree by now, or b) has decided that school really wasn’t for him after all (which is a story you hear all the time in metal – big shocker, I know).

In any case, we interviewed Noah once and he was an insanely nice guy. So we’re glad he’s back in Arsis fold, for however long that may be.

If anyone sees Arsis on any of the band’s current tour dates, drop us a line, let us know if Noah is, indeed, back with the group, and, y’know, how awesome it was.


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