Axl Rosenberg on Danza III: The Series of Unfortunate Events, the new album by Tennessee titans The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza:

…like willfully submitting to letting a tank roll over you. It is OPPRESSIVELY and CRUSHINGLY fucking heavy. In fact, “crushing,” although obviously a metal-writer cliché, is the word that most often comes to mind when I think of this record. But it is crushing. It will also make your balls rattle, if you have balls. If you don’t have balls, allow me to describe that sensation for you: it’s tingly.

The man lie-eth not. This album destroys, and though I didn’t put it on my short list for the best of 2010 so far like Axl did, I think I just hadn’t listened to it enough yet and will have to reconsider.

Check out what happens when the Danza dudes play their new album for “real people” (aka non-metalheads, aka “normies”) in Tennessee in this new Metal Injection clip. The amount of people who claim to like the record is actually more than I would’ve expected… I wonder how many of these people are just being nice? I think it would’ve been hilarious if they also played the record to fans outside a concert of, for instance, The Arcade Fire.


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