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fight amp lose lose loseHow did I miss this? Oh, right… I was too busy giving away hundreds of CDs in the best trade EVER! (more on that soon).

But while I was busy packing up boxes in exchange for water foul (!?), our pals at Crustcake premiered a new Fight Amp song. For those unawares, Fight Amp are one rip-roaring beast of a virgin-tight live band (and Cosmo Lee thinks so too) that absolutely must not be missed whenever the chance presents itself. But in the meantime we’ve got “Thankless,” a new track from the upcoming three-way 12″ split with Gary Suarez ball-tinglers Kowloon Walled City and Ladder Devils entitled Lose Lose Lose. The record will be available from Brutal Panda Records and is available for pre-order now, but the release is limited to only 300 copies so be sure to get your order in.

“Thankless” is a ripper of a track that brings the trademark powerful yet fuzzy bass and crushing, jagged rhythms that fans of this band have come to expect. The mix is a little bizarre and the drums are curiously low, but Fight Amp are a band that’s all about POWER, and the mix does a fine job of capturing that. Check out “Thankless” over at Crustcake.


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