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after the burial

Rumors have been swirling around The Webernets all day that Sumeriancore rippers After the Burial — who I nominated as my “Band That Will Fuck Your Face Off in 2010” — have dropped off their current tour with Bleeding Through. The story was first reported by Lambgoat this morning and cited a reader tip that the band had already missed a couple of shows on the tour, allegedly following an inter-band fistfight, and that the group might be on the verge of breaking up.

An official statement from the band released exclusively to MetalSucks lends some clarity to the situation:

Following our show in Buffalo NY on Sept. 22nd, there was an argument that took place that deeply affected members in the band. The argument was 100% verbal, no physical violence took place. We decided at that time it would be the best decision to leave the tour and be at home in order to regain our composure and prepare for our end of the year plans.

We’ve never dropped off a tour before EVER. With that being said, we hope that all of our fans can understand that this decision was made with the long-term in mind, and that we are genuinely sorry we had to miss the shows in their cities. We’ll be back around very soon.

That’s all we know for now. Presumably After the Burial are still on target to release a new album at some point soon as they’ve been posting pre-production videos throughout the year, although it’s almost October and if an album’s not on the calendar by now it probably won’t see the light of day until 2011. And it’s certainly not out of the question that whatever caused this fracas could also spell delays for the record. Still, I’m looking forward to the record whenever it does come out, and I hope all is well in the ATB camp.


Photo credit: William Weigel for Small Town Photography

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