Green Eggs and Slam


  • Sergeant D

It is no mystery that I generally hate tech-death and deathcore, and ESPECIALLY bands who combine the two like Faceless, Braindrill, BTBAM, and so forth. It’s possible that the genres bore the fuck out of me because I’ve been listening to this shit for 20+ years and blast beats stopped being novel to me sometime in the mid 90s, but it’s also possible that I’m just not a beardo who thinks that a metronome is worth fapping over.

I guess there is something in the water up in Canada, or maybe there’s just nothing better to do there than sit in your room and practice your instrument, because there sure are a lot of tech-deathcore bands from up there. I can’t get into that stuff for the most part, but I was pretty pleasantly surprised by the new track from BENEATH THE MASSACRE. Despite having an “X the Y” name and playing a lot of notes, this band is pretty sick– check them out if you are fiending for some Ion Dissonance/The Faceless type shit. I think they have a recording out now on Prosthetic or something.

-Sergeant D.

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