Viral Vomit



Clever headline for a post about a viral video of penguins moshing, eh? Alas, it ain’t mine. I stole it from Metal Insider, where I first saw the video (below), and Metal Insider apparently stole it from Videogum after happily retired MI writer Dan Rodriguez brought it to their attention.

So I can’t even take credit, and, unfortunately, the pun is the best part of the joke. Yeah, the video is kinda cute, for all ten seconds, but then it goes on for another thirty-three. And it’s not even set to an awesome song. I mean, “Convicted in Life” is easily my favorite post-Max Cavalera Sepultura song, but that’s not saying much, and besides, it’s not like there aren’t approximately 8,675,439,414,173,509 other metal songs that could have been utilized.

But, yeah, enjoy it guys.


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