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The Haunted have released the title track from their new album, Unseen, on their Facebook page (and you don’t even hafta click the “like” button to hear it). It’s technically the third song we’ve heard from the album (first one here, second one here), but of those samplings, it’s the first high-quality, in-studio track, and thus might give us the best sense of what we’re in for.

And, hey, guess what?I still think my assessment from earlier this week is correct: all signs point to Unseen being an excellent hard rock album, if not technically a metal album. I spoke to a friend who has heard the record earlier this week, and he complained that while the songs are well-written, the production lacked edge; hearing this song, I guess I understand where he’s coming from, but I don’t really agree. Part of “Unseen” sound almost Tool-like — maybe not the heaviest shit you’ve ever heard, but still really fantastic.

And, like the other songs we’ve heard, it’s catchy as hell. Never a bad thing.

Check out the track here, then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below. Unseen will be out sometime in March on Century.


Thanks: Fantasyoosh

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