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“What the fuck is going on with Into Eternity?” seems to be a common question amongst metal fans these days, and with good reason. It’s been three years since the release of the band’s last album, The Incurable Tragedy; guitarist Tim Roth sat out a chunk of that album’s touring cycle, which seemed kinda odd given that he pretty much is the band; and just this past March, vocalist Stu Block was announced as the latest singer for Iced Earth. So you can’t exactly blame folks for thinking that Into Eternity’s future might be in question.

But apparently they’ve been working on new stuff! And will have a new single called “Sandstorm” out as soon as next month! There’s even a sample of that single available now! You can listen below! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!

But wait — there’s more! After the jumps are some studio clips of the band recording this new single, including footage of Rob Doherty, a singer I’m not familiar with, laying down the death metal vocals for “Sandstorm.” Check it out:

Hopefully there will be more info on the Into Eternity album soon. In the meantime, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that “Sandstorm” rules.


[via Metal Underground]

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