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September 27 is the biggest metal release date of the fall, quite possibly all of 2011: Mastodon, Machine Head, Dream Theater, Textures, Warbringer and Rwake top an excellent slate of new records that’ll leave metalheads scraping for pennies under their couch cushions. Listening to all those new releases at once is gonna be a chore, but hey, there are worse problems to have. A total First World Problem.

Mastodon have made September 27th’s listening marathon one song lighter by releasing another track from The Hunter over the weekend, the third they’ve put out so far. “Spectrelight” should give old-school Mastodon fans cause to celebrate; this song is all about the mosh and the big, burly riffs and leaves the band’s recent shift towards the progressive behind (for now). I can already see this jam nicely sliding into the band’s live setlist right after “Blood & Thunder,” keeping audience energy to the max.

Curl the Burl” and “Black Tongue” are the other two songs to be released so far from The Hunter; check ’em out, then tell us how you think “Spectrelight” compares.


Thanks: Joe Caperon, Mr. Jon

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