I don’t know if this was the secret video project The Human Abstract were working on or not, but The Human Abstract have released a new performance video, for the track “Complex Terms.” It’s not the greatest video ever or anything, but the song is so goddamn good that any excuse for more people to hear it is okay in my book. Really, the only complaint I have about the clip is that it features Corelia’s Ryan Devlin, who toured with the band following their split with Travis Richter last year, lip-synching to Richter’s vocals. I know the group probably didn’t have time/money/need to re-record said vocals the way, say, Killswitch Engage re-recorded “Fixation on the Darkness” after Howard Jones joined the fold, but it’s still a little weird.

Whatever. If you still don’t own The Human Abstract’s Digital Veil, your life is poorer for the absence. Download that bad boy for just six bucks right here.

Meanwhile, the mere fact that this video even exists seems like even more evidence that The Human Abstract have most certainly not broken up. Hoo-ray!


[via The PRP]

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