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System of a Down singer Serj Tankian will release Harakiri on July 10, his third solo album since System of a Down last put out a new record (despite touring last summer and gearing up to do it again this summer with Deftones). I feel like a lot of folks are quick to negatively judge any solo Serj Tankian record simply because they view it as an impediment to another System record, and such a judgment really isn’t fair. Sure, Tankian’s solo efforts aren’t the same as getting new System, but they’re not supposed to be; judged on their own merit they’re both solid records in their own right and, at worst, there’s really nothing to dislike about them. Plus, Serj is just such a RAD dude all around. I wanna hug the guy for being so consistent and honest in the portrayal of his beliefs throughout the years.

Serj’s new single is called “Figure It Out,” and you can watch the lyric video above. It won’t surprise anyone that the lyrics are socio-political in nature; this time Serj takes aim at the corporate/military/government industrial complex. Musically, the song is very reminiscent of SoaD, so fans craving the latter should at least feel some satisfaction.


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